GenText AI Assistant: Elevating Academic Research and Writing

GenText, a trailblazer in AI-powered tools, is thrilled to present the GenText AI Assistant, a specialized Microsoft Word Add-in for the academic sector. This remarkable tool seamlessly blends with MS Word and now boasts the ability to access Semantic Scholar’s vast database of over 200 million peer-reviewed articles, making it an indispensable asset for scholars, researchers, and students.

Now available on the Microsoft Appsource store, the GenText AI Assistant harnesses Open AI’s pioneering GPT technology. Explicitly crafted for academia, it refines the entire research and writing paradigm, allowing users to spend more time on in-depth studies and novel discoveries. A demonstration of its revolutionary capabilities is viewable at

In the fast-paced world of academia, where meticulous research and timely publications are key, the GenText AI Assistant emerges as the ultimate research partner. Offering the following pricing structures to cater to diverse academic requirements:

  • Free: Access all features, inclusive of the Semantic Scholar search, for up to 5,000 words monthly.
  • Premium: USD 9 per month, utilize all features for up to 100,000 words monthly.
  • Business: USD 18 monthly, enjoy unlimited access to all features.

To embrace the future of academic research with the GenText AI Assistant, visit the Microsoft Appsource store at

Additionally, GenText Group Inc. is honored to announce its inclusion in the esteemed Microsoft for Startups Founders program. This acknowledgment underlines GenText’s commitment to technological innovation and its vision of equipping academia with avant-garde tools.

Alex Charles, GenText’s Founder, expressed,

We are fervently committed to enriching the academic sphere, streamlining research, and writing processes. Our recognition by Microsoft is a testament to our endeavors.

Transform your academic journey with GenText AI Assistant! Download today from the Microsoft Appsource store and immerse yourself in an ocean of peer-reviewed knowledge.